You are assured  of the highest quality standards  in every Ravi Cable product. Stringent  quality control  tests are made at every stage from  raw material to finished  goods stage  so as to give you the best product,  meeting  relevant quality standards.

Power Cables with Plugs

To establish everlasting relationship with customers through provision of highest quality conductors with utmost safety characteristics and in time fulfillment of consumer needs.


Copper Enameled Wire 8-37

Manufacturer of copper enameled wire ranging from Swg 18 to 34. We are providing quality products at a competitive rate. Our products are quoted with a variety of Enamel according to our customers requirement.

Wiring Harnessess for Automobiles

Automobiles are operated by a variety of electric controls such as being able to start the engine by pushing one button. Along with the increase in functions for automobiles, the number of electric devices installed is also increasing. The wiring harnesses play a role in connecting those devices and delivering electricity and signals through the entire car.